Radio Controlled & Hi Torque, UTS 18mm

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Quartz UTS Movement, Radio Controlled & Hi Torque, UTS

  • Radio controlled
  • Non Euroshaft movement
  • Battery: MN1400 (LR14)
  • Can take minute hands up to 230 mm long
  • Can take centre seconds hands up to 200 mm long
  • Signal originates from Germany (see additional image for coverage area)
  • When assembling set hands at 11 o'clock


  • 90 x 65 x 25mm
  • Shaft = From movement front to shaft tip

18 mm :

  • Seconde : Ø 0.75 mm
  • Minute: Ø3.50mm
  • Hour: Ø5.00mm

Possible causes of interference:

  • Domestic appliances
  • TV receivers closer than 2 metres
  • Machinery with HF leakage
  • Signal may be affected by mountainous or hilly terrain or adverse meteorological conditions


  • Check correct polarity of battery
  • Ensure the clock is at least 6 feet away from a TV, computer, air conditioner or any other electrical household appliances. Optimal location is near a window
  • Remove battery and start again
  • There may be an interruption at the transmitter. Wait a few hours and try again
  • Due to the signal requirements of these movements it is important that a fresh, fully charged alkaline battery is used initially and then changed on a regular basis as a partially charged battery may not be strong enough to receive the radio signal, resulting in the movement not fully functioning correctly

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Cylinder height Fitting B - 18 mm - NON EURO


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